Media & Entertainment Solutions

Data center and connectivity solutions for the expanding media and entertainment industry

How We Serve the Media & Entertainment Industry

Digital transformation is happening globally and even more so in the media and entertainment industry. The shift to a remote workforce and surge in internet penetration, combined with an increasing adoption and use of smart devices, social media platforms and streaming services are driving demand and public preference for digital content. Modern solutions like colocation ensure that data storage, management and content distribution is a top priority to accommodate the increasing digital demands. Now is the time when media and entertainment matter the most. QTS can help power and secure digital content at scale so media and entertainment companies can stay at the forefront of trends and not lag behind. 

Optimized Performance

As a media & entertainment organization, you have complex requirements for capacity, latency, performance and transport of digital content and services. At QTS, we have the expertise in optimizing performance and transport of online services and content, ensuring the best possible customer experience. 

Sophisticated Connectivity

Digital content companies choose QTS for our large mega data centers and our sophisticated connectivity ecosystem that enable a new breed of solutions for an increasingly complex connectivity landscape. 

Why QTS?

Get into a more secure, compliant and cost-effective solution built from the ground up to serve the highest standards in the media & entertainment industry.

200+ Networks

Access to 200+ networks including software-defined direct connections to the world's largest cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft, Google and others. 

Secure & Compliant

Our robust data center security bolsters successful audits.

Sustainable Infrastructure

We've committed to have all of our data centers being powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Software-Defined Service Delivery

SDP orchestrates data analysis, helps improve performance and assists customers in optimizing the management of their data center footprint with QTS.


We have achieved 99.999 percent or greater uptime across our entire portfolio of world-class data center facilities each year since 2010.

Unlimited Scale

Proven history delivering a single cab to multi-megawatt to hyperscale deployments.

A Prevalent U.S. Data Center Footprint

QTS owns and operates 24 data centers in the US including 8 in 10 largest markets. According to the US Census Bureau data, QTS' 24 U.S. data centers, coupled with our on-net network partners, serve 90%+ of the US population in a low latency fashion.