SDP™ Resources

These live and on-demand webinars are available to help you get the most from your QTS Service Delivery Platform™ (SDP), which cover a broad range of topics to help you manage and optimize your QTS deployment.


What's Next? Product Innovation Event

Watch our first What's Next Product Innovation Event featuring CTO Brent Bensten and our Innovation and Product Teams! New digital apps and products that give our customers unrivaled visibility, access and control of their QTS environment, all from our software-defined platform, SDP™

on demand

Connecting to Cloud in 10 Mins or Less

Join the QTS Product Team for an overview of our Switchboard connectivity service. This software defined platform lets you purchase and provision virtual connections to AWS, Azure and Google Clouds and between 14 QTS data centers in minutes. Its one port to many destination approach makes it increasingly more cost effective as additional virtual connections are added.

on demand

Introducing QTS Smart Family of Remote Management Solutions

Join our CTO, Brent Bensten, share our vision of the smart data center and how QTS enables greater control of your data center environment with this new suite of intelligent remote management solutions. Includes live demonstrations of SmartCam - AI-based vision system; SmartCart - the new digital crash cart; and Environmental Sensors - visibility of rack-level temperature and ambient humidity. 

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How Real-Time Digital Platforms Fuel Remote Data Center Management

Learn how the digitization of our business and development of our API-driven Service Delivery Platform™ enables our customers to manage their environments remotely during this critical time.

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Top 10 Ways to Manage Your QTS Environment Remotely

Learn the top 10 ways customers use SDP™ to keep business running while remote. Some ways include using Remote Hands to delegate tasks, how it interpret internetConnect bandwidth usage, how to identify enclosures, rack and circuits that are drawing over 80% power and more. 

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Visualizing & Optimizing Your Colocation Environment

Learn how to use our 3D Mapper and Asset Manager apps to help you visualize and manage your QTS colocation environment live, in 3D!

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At-A-Glance View Dashboard

Get a real-time snapshot of how your deployment is performing every time you log into SDP™. We'll walk you through new data and visuals designed to help your team know where actions are required and where additional efficiencies may be uncovered.

on demand

API Documentation and Access

Learn how to manage your SDP™ environment using our newly published API document library on Postman and GitHub. Our SDP™ development expert will provide a live demo and is available to take your inquiries on the live webinar session.