Data Center Solutions for  Transportation & Energy

Highly reliable data center solutions built upon an expansive connectivity ecosystem support the unique digital infrastructure requirements of Transportation and Energy companies.

Efficient and Agile Digital Infrastructure Solutions

In the new digital age, transportation providers are required to operate with efficiency and agility. Orders need to be quickly processed. Disruption or downtime can suspend operations and logistics, not to mention frustrate customers.  In such a highly competitive industry, finding a partner to give your company an added advantage can be key to success. 

Streamline Applications & Services

QTS has the data center and network infrastructure to streamline and support your unique digital infrastructure requirements


QTS' family of strategically located data centers position your environment closer to the data to minimize latency

Real-Time Data

QTS' innovative technology provides you with real-time, on-demand visibility and control of your data center environment

Trusted by Transportation and Energy Leaders

Some of the world's largest transportation and energy providers benefit from QTS' software-defined data centers and highly scalable digital infrastructure solutions. They recognize their business is better served by an experienced data center provider with the capacity and infrastructure that enable service delivery and best-in-class performance that far exceeds their own abilities and budgets. 


99.999% uptime ensures the best possible experience for customers


Diverse, low latency options enable real-time data integration thanks to a resilient, high-performing IT infrastructure


Geographically diverse data center footprint with the capacity and power to scale up or down as needed

Focus on Renewable Energy

QTS provides digital infrastructure to prominent energy companies and is a very active partner with the leading providers of renewable energy. Through key partnerships with renewable power leaders such as ENGIE, we are on track to achieve our key sustainability milestones led by our commitment to procure 100% of our power requirements from renewable energy sources by 2025.