Partner Lead Registration Form

Thank you for registering a lead with QTS! We value our partnership and look forward to continued success together.

Please complete the following process below. This will ensure that leads gets assigned to the correct QTS sales team covering the client(s) region, and will ensure payment for you once the deal closes. If you have any questions on the registration process, please contact the QTS Channels Team.


Lead Registration Process:

  1. Complete the form below in it's entirety. All fields are required
  2. The lead will be automatically created in
  3. The lead will be tagged to your Partner Account in
  4. QTS will confirm that no other partners are involved
  5. The lead will be assigned to a QTS Sales Rep to work with you on the opportunity. If you are already working with a Channel Manager, please include this in the Lead Description field. 
  6. You are ready for a commission once the deal closes!

Sales Lead Information

Please complete ALL fields.