Employee Spotlight: Jeanne Buglewicz, Senior Budget Analyst

Meet Jeanne, Senior Budget Analyst, who shares her tips for working at home, handling a busy time of the year and her favorite Christmas traditions! 

Name:  Jeanne Buglewicz

Title: Senior Budget Analyst

QTS location: Overland Park

Years with QTS: 4


What is your favorite part of working for QTS?

My favorite part of QTS is the people I’m surrounded by.  I am very fortunate to be surrounded by smart and fun people!  I’ve always said you have to love what you do, and the people you do it with, or you’re in the wrong place.  I’ve found that perfect combination at QTS!


What does a day in your position look like?

It’s never the same!  I spend a lot of my time trying to help the people I support, whether that be managing their budget, explaining variances, how to run a report, or whatever they need.  I pride myself on providing top-notch service to my co-workers. 


How do you juggle all your tasks as the end of the year approaches and the holidays ensue?

I have a great team who is always willing to help cover a tasks when needed.  But I really just try to work ahead when I plan to be gone, so that I can enjoy my time off and not worry about work. 


What is your favorite part of the Christmas season (in and out of the office)

I love spending time with my family.  In addition to my two boys (14 and 11), my parents and a brother’s family live here in town, and my older brother and his family from Omaha and my sister and her family from Texas usually make it in for the holidays.  We like to eat, drink, shop, play games and just hang out together.  As luck would have it (or NOT!), 2020 has thrown us a punch this year.  So, I think I’ll be spending time with my boys and my parents.  But I enjoy sitting in front of the fire, surrounded by my Christmas decorations.  So, I know it will still be a good one!


How are you doing things differently this year working from home and not being in the office?

Shortly after we were told to work from home, I knew I needed to make arrangements that would allow me to work easily from home.  I set up a home office where I can be alone and have no problems staying focused.  My boys are doing school from home, which is fun (not!).  It’s nice getting to spend more time with them, but we’ll all be glad when they get back to going to school in person. 


What is a Christmas tradition you and your family celebrate?

Christmas morning mass has always been a tradition my family enjoys together.  We all meet for mass, have a big breakfast and then open gifts.  I have 8 nephews and 1 niece, in addition to my 2 boys.  So, there’s always LOTS of gifts to open.  We watch everyone open their gifts, one by one!  Then we spend the rest of the day just enjoying our new gifts, playing games and hanging out. 


What advice would you give others working from home to stay productive during busy times of the year?

I would tell them to find a dedicated spot in your house where you can set up a desk, monitors, etc.  Make it comfortable and make sure you take some breaks!  Get up, walk the dog around the block, and you’ll be ready to get back to work!   On nice days, I even take my laptop outside for a while.  It’s a nice break, and really refreshes me!