Employee Spotlight: Dave Murray, VP Community Relations and Development

From community involvement to grandfather, Dave Murray plays many roles and is a vital part of our team!

Name: Dave Murray

Title: Vice President/ Community Relations and Development

QTS location: Miami

Years with QTS: 13

What is your favorite part of working for QTS?

Over the years it has been very rewarding to see team members grow and develop in parallel with the overall company growth and success.

What is a day in the life of your position like? 

My current role allows me to interact with our people and the community in a special way that supports both in times of critical need as well as times of celebrations.

Your position is unique, what responsibilities and roles do you play for QTS? 

Finding ways to help our company and employees give back to each other and our communities through charitable contributions, volunteer time, and supporting each other’s needs in the workplace are the greatest and most unique responsibilities that make this a special role.

How are you continuing to lead QTS volunteer efforts during the pandemic?

Working closely with our EVP (Employee Value Prop) Ambassadors and leaders, we continue to build a calendar of volunteer event opportunities that allow all of our employees to find a work that they are passionate about and enjoy living out their strengths in that area. We continue to find opportunities with organizations that have worked hard to put safety protocols in place and ensure best practices that keep our employees and all volunteers safe.

What advice do you have for others looking to get more involved in their communities?

We are called to serve with humility and with purpose. When we show love by serving in our communities, it brings out the best in everyone as we find each other valuable and experience high esteem, dignity, and respect. A lifestyle of service allows us to receive joy when we give to others.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy sports, beach time, and missions work. My family and I are very blessed with special family gatherings and our grandkids keep us busy. We are involved with the work of the church, family, and community in which we live while enjoying the sunny South Florida climate and the activities in the sunshine!