Employee Spotlight: Steven Dixon, Critical Environnment Tech III, Pandemic  

Steve Dixon, QTS essential worker, father and passionate builder, gives an inside look at what the last few months have looked like from the perspective of an essential data center employee. Dixon discusses how QTS has aided him and his family as well as how his life has changed in his position.
Name: Steven Dixon
Title: Critical Environment Technician 3
QTS Location: Princeton, NJ

How long have you been with QTS?
5 years

What do you love most about QTS?
I love how QTS embraces every employee as they are part of their own family. The environment QTS creates day in and day out makes it enjoyable and exciting to come to work.

What led you to this position? How did you end up where you are today
with QTS?
I had worked at this site previously when QTS acquired the campus. I was approached of the open position by Al Turner to be hired as a CET 2 and through his leadership, it led me to be moved up to a CET 3.
What has been your favorite part of working at QTS and why?
The people at QTS are great, I have visited many sites along the east coast and met some QTSers from the west coast and every interaction is amazing, We
really do have the greatest team members in this industry.
In light of the worldwide pandemic, how has that changed your position
and how you go about your job day to day?
In light of the world’s position today, I am even more honored to work for QTS and the industry I work in because not only was my employment uninterrupted, the spot bonus provided really added benefit. I have a 6 month old at home and it makes me feel very comfortable coming home because QTS has enabled us to stay disinfected and virtually germ free from the time we enter the door, to the time I get home.
What passions do you have outside of work?
I have a passion for building things, lifting trucks and working on anything with an engine.
What is your favorite way to spend your weekend or time off?

I enjoy spending my days off on my boat with my wife, my 6 month old son and my dog. In the months where the weather is not permitting going out on the boat I love spending time with them doing other activities such as offroading or building something in the garage. 

Anything else you would like to share about your life or being a QTS employee?

I am so grateful to be in the position that I am today. It shows this industry is needed more then ever. I believe QTS has built their teams very well and the management I have had the pleasure working with has always made the workplace enjoyable. I hope to work with QTS for many, many more years.