Why QTS / Podcast / Episode 43: Mental Health, the Hidden Consequence of COVID-19

Episode 43: Mental Health, the Hidden Consequence of COVID-19

May 20, 2024

The world of technology has responded better than anyone imagined in the age of Covid. Remote Work, Data Centers, Connectivity, Tele Medicine, remote learning et al, we adapted and survived. Remarkable. But, at the same time, loneliness, isolation, and in some cases, deep despair have settled in. Dave's guest this week is Dianne McCabe who knows this territory well, from personal experience. Join us this week as we talk through come of the challenges, and the path to happiness – on the next QTS Experience.

About Our Guest:


Dianne is a change coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker. She works with global corporate leaders, teams & organizations, who want to sustainably drive change, without sacrificing mental wellbeing. As CHANGE & RESILIENCE are universal, Dianne works across all industries at all levels. Dianne is a former corporate leader, with a 20 year career in technology and organizational change. She is the recipient of the Global Best Practices Award by software giant SAP, for a complex change, training & communications program designed and implemented for an iconic international food company. Dianne's own lived experience of mental illness and corporate burnout, have sparked a passion for improving mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Accreditations in Prosci change management, life coaching and mental health first aid, have given her a deep understanding of what is needed to help people and organizations adapt to change, in a sustainable way.