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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity at QTS

Disasters come in many shapes and sizes, whether man-made or natural, so making Disaster Recovery (DR) a key element in your Business Continuity Plan ensures minimal incurred IT losses while addressing your business needs. Choosing the right partner to support your DR needs is one of the most important decisions you will make.

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Protecting your critical IT infrastructure with a DR plan is essential to any successful business. While business disruptions may be inevitable, downtime can be prevented with the right plans and partnerships in place. QTS has the facilities, people and expertise to partner with you to help ensure infrastructure, data and operations are protected.

Resilient Connectivity

Our open policy on Internet networks, Internet exchanges and content networks allow for the easy movement of traffic between networks with commercial structure that is friendly to both. This provides a benefit to all QTS customers through direct access to the proper networks within our data centers and to network providers that want to exchange traffic with each other, whether serving a QTS customer or not.

Redundant Infrastructure

Power and cooling are the lifeblood of a data center and essential in keeping your IT equipment running. All QTS data centers feature redundant, diverse power feeds cooling infrastructure, backup generators, on-site fuel storage and emergency contracts with fuel suppliers to ensure that critical infrastructure operations remain functional, even through prolonged local, regional or national outages. 

24 x 7 x 365 Operations

QTS data centers are staffed 24x7x365 by skilled data center engineers and technicians who are ready to respond to any data center needs. In addition to leveraging the latest tools to monitor and maintain the data center environment, they provide on-site remote hands services, minimizing the need for you to have your own staff on-site. QTS sites also feature numerous physical security measures, effectively safeguarding your IT investments.

Geographically Diverse Footprint

Location considerations are key in disaster recovery planning- companies must ensure that their primary and disaster recovery sites won't be affected by the same disaster event. QTS has facilities across the United States, ensuring you can provide significant distance between sites. QTS also has mega data centers located in geographically-stable FEMA zones, providing an extra layer of protection against the threat of natural disasters. 


For organizations that operate in highly regulated environments or adhere to industry standards, compliance is a must. Even in disaster scenarios, maintaining compliance with regards to information security and customer data is still a requirement. Your disaster recovery site must meet all the compliance needs defined for your business. QTS places a heavy focus on compliance and our facilities hold certifications across a broad spectrum of IT compliance and regulatory standards.

SDP Remote Access

You no longer have to be in the data center to know what's going on at the data center. Save trips to the data center by using our suite of real-time visualization and digital apps from anywhere, anytime and any device.