QTS' 2021 Net Promoter Score remains above 80 for the data center industry

6 years in a row for premium customer service. Read on to see how we continue to be world-class in our customer support.

We are grateful for our 2021 Net Promoter Score of 80+!  This marks the sixth consecutive year QTS has led the data center industry in NPS. This is all due to our high-touch customer service and support as judged by an ongoing independent survey of our customer base. 

NPS judges the likelihood that QTS customers will purchase again or recommend QTS services to another company. The NPS customer survey is independently administered and calculates overall customer satisfaction and brand perception. Customers rated QTS highly in a range of service areas, including our customer service, physical facilities, processes, responsiveness and service of onsite staff and the 24-hour Operations Service Center.

Our score compares favorably to and is approximately double the average score of all data center companies, and exceeds many leading consumer brands known for premium customer experience. Bain & Co, the source of the NPS system, suggests that a score above 50 is excellent, and above 80 is world-class.

Our increasing NPS score is also reflected in our customers 100% adoption of our digitized Service Delivery Platform in 2021 that allows customers to manage their data center infrastructure remotely,  further enhancing the customer experience! 

"QTS’ core values are centered around our commitment to the customer experience and we are pleased to further increase our industry-leading NPS ranking,” said David Robey, Chief Operations Officer, QTS. "We continue to expand and enhance our Service Delivery Platform that ensures a seamless experience for our customers and partners.” 

QTS takes great pride in our commitment to our customers, treating them as valued partners. This philosophy is rooted in our Customer Creed, which promotes a holistic view of customer engagement and serves as the foundation of our Customer Experience Strategy. This commitment resonates throughout the organization to build value and deepen the customer experience.  

To learn more about our Customer Experience Strategy, download our whitepaper, Strengthening the customer experience within the data center.