Leading the Way in Data Center Innovation

The data center industry has lagged behind the curve when it comes to digital innovation, still relying heavily on human interaction to gather details, make decisions and perform tasks. At QTS, we revolutionize data center capabilities by promoting Internet diversity, enhancing our connectivity ecosystem and by integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics into our customers' data center operations. Here's how.

sustainability in the data center

Corporate Sustainability Efforts

QTS has made a commitment to corporate responsibility through our key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. We've won several awards for our outstanding sustainable practices, our transparency and our commitments to building a sustainable future. 


Service Delivery Platform™

The industry's first digitized service platform helps organizations visualize, manage and optimize their data center environments. SDP™ delivers real-time actionable insights customers need to optimize their environments.

Transparency at the Data Center

Supports real-time, on-demand visibility and transparency which means customers can compare actual and contracted power consumption metrics.

Self-Service Your Data Center 

Self-service access to 3D visuals, power usage, asset and badge system data, sustainability progress, and temperature and humidity data from any device.

Data from the Data Center 

Data analytics are used across SDP™ to detect trends and drive differentiated value for our customers, inspiring us to integrate more innovative and transformative technologies to our software-defined platform.

energizing the data center

QTS Innovation Lab

QIL was formed in 2019 as an accelerated and dedicated development environment for SDP innovations, which rapidly conceptualizes and vets new, pivotal and industry-advancing capabilities that enrich the data center environment.

Dedicated Scientists

QIL has a dedicated team of technology leaders including data scientists; AI, ML and visualization experts; and leadership from our CTO level.

Agile Development

QIL is designed to quickly and scientifically evaluate new data center capabilities with our already-digitized data center information to deliver real-time, forward-thinking capabilities that forecast and automate data center operations.  

Innovative Vision

QIL is dedicated to creating a fundamental shift in how data centers use and deliver digital services by rapidly designing industry-transformative technologies that are problem-solving, powerful and real-time actionable.

connecting the data center

Internet Diversity & Connectivity 

QTS is committed to growing our connectivity ecosystem by continuing to expand fiber, network, Internet and exchange access for maximum flexibility. In doing so we hope to provide direct access to the platforms you require in a way that's efficient, easy to consume and offers options. Here's how.


Expand connectivity ecosystem by accelerating fiber expansion and building upon native infrastructure

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Drive diversification of core Internet infrastructure

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Develop strategic QTS data centers into major Network Access Points

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QTS Employees working
serving the data center

Customer Experience

Since the beginning, QTS has committed to provide exceptional customer service. Our Powered by People approach and world-class service organization have led to sustained excellence in customer service.